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The Primorsko-notranjska statistical region (NUTS 3 level) comprises the municipalities of Bloke, Cerknica, Ilirska Bistrica, Loška dolina, Pivka and Postojna, and has a total surface area of 1,456km2 (7,2 % of the surface area of Slovenia's surface area).

It has 52,517 inhabitants. In terms of surface area, it is one of the smaller regions in Slovenia. It is also the most sparsely populated region in Slovenia – it presents approximately one fifth of the most densely populated region – the Central Slovenia statistical region. Nevertheless, the high population growth rate, higher rate of births and higher immigration rate, have been contributing to the increase in the population density in the last few years.

In terms of economy, the region is one of the less developed in the country, as it contributes only 1,8 % to the GDP of Slovenia. In 2013 there were 1.025 registered companies, which shows an increase in comparison to the past period. A large majority of regional companies are micro (92,5 %) in terms of size, followed by 4,9 % small-sized, 1,2 % middle-sized and 1,2 % large companies. A large share of the companies in the secondary and tertiary sectors is represented by craft businesses (services, especially woodworking and metalworking). The regional economy is viable and export-oriented, and the population is professionally trained.

Although the rate of work activity in the region is the highest in the country, a large number of the inhabitants of the Primorsko-notranjska region commute to work to the neighbouring regions. Thus, the economic strength of regional population is relatively high. The region is recognized by its preserved natural resources, vast forresty surroundings, unique Karstic terrain, but also by its rich cultural heritage and great tradition in crafts and industry (especially wood-processing and tool-making industry). All these elements are in the centre of regional developmental potentials. Combining good accessibility inside and outside the region and close proximity of several urban centres (Ljubljana, Koper, Nova Gorica, Reka and Trieste are all in approx. 45 minutes distance by car), the Primorsko-notranjska region offers numerous possibilities for conducting business as well as for quality living.

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