About RDA

RRA Zeleni kras is a non-profit company, established in 2000, which performs the tasks of a regional development agency in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Balanced Regional Development in the area of the municipalities of Bloke, Cerknica, Loška dolina, Ilirska Bistrica, Pivka and Postojna.

 RRA Zeleni kras provides developmental, organisational-technical and professional support for the development of the region through the following services:

·         preparation, implementation and monitoring of projects,

·         support in the absorption of development funds,

·         coordination between development partners at regional and national level,

·         business consultancy, training and education,

·         information and promotion of the region.


RRA Zeleni kras performs the following tasks:

·         providing services in the field of project preparation and implementation and regional structural policy,

·         promotes local and regional development in the economic, social, spatial and environmental fields,

·         providing consultancy services and promoting economic development,

·         manages the scholarship scheme for the Primorsko-Notranjska region, the Regional Destination Organisation Postojnska jama-Zeleni kras (RDO) and the LAS Notranjska,

·         advises on innovation and technological development,

·         prepares, coordinates and monitors the implementation of the Regional Development Programme,

·         implements training programmes,

·         other activities for the development of the region.


As a coordinator of regional interests at local and national level, RRA is a permanent partner in the dialogue between ministries, municipalities, companies and other development partners. It acts as a partner in international projects (various EU programmes), also taking on the role of lead partner. Through various development projects, it aims to contribute to overcoming the region's development problems and to improving the quality of life in the region.