Regional Scholarship Scheme


from 01.09.2016 to 31.12.2023


Industry | Human resources


Through the scheme we strive towards the following objectives:

Contribute to the increase of the level of education in the region,reducing the structural unemployment,more efficient resolution of labour market issues,connecting the personnel needs of employers with the students selection of education,encouraging the return of trained, educated personnel from schools, universities back to the Primorsko-notranjska region.

Regional scholarship scheme is an instrument of the region that is based on a partnership between employers, the barer of the regional scholarship scheme (RDA Green karst) and the state (Ministry of labour, family, social affairs and equal opportunities.

Finanical structure of RSS:

- ESF participartion: 80%

- National participation: 20%.

Beneficiaries to scholarships:

Scholarships are intended for pupils and students who are studying at home or abroad, are not employed and will be after finishing their studies employed by the employer who has been granting their scholarship.
Provision of funds:

Funds in the amount of 50 % to 70 % of the scholarship are provided by RDA Green karst through the Ministry of labour, family, social affairs and equal opportunities, while the other half of the scholarship is provided by the employers that will employ the scholarship holder for at least one year after completing their education. 

For more details please contact:

- Tadeja Pecman Penko; e-mail:, phone: 05 721 22 32