Center for Innovation and Development

The Centre for Innovation and Development operates under the auspices of the Regional Development Agency Green Karst, Ltd. Following its vision, the Centre encourages and develops the culture of innovation and the development mindset into the public and private as well as the non-profit and profit sectors.

By implementing different activities, it encourages development-oriented individuals, entrepreneurs, decision makers and policymakers, research and education organisations, and non-governmental organisations, to raise awareness of their own and wider social development with the emphasis on understanding the innovations and the innovation ecosystem.

Our services include the widest circle of users: companies, non-governmental organisations, local municipalities and communities, schools, research centres, interested individuals and the general public.

With the aim of encouraging, spreading and developing the culture of innovation and the development mindset, the Centre for Innovation and Development strives for the formation of new instruments and methods which would offer support for users in their innovative and development activity and with which they will complement the existing services:

  • from the idea to the result: consulting services regarding innovation (intellectual property, organisational processes, setting up the developmental function, organisational-administrative support),
  • knowledge broadens your horizons: training in areas significant for encouraging innovation such as marketing (modern forms of business, internationalisation, etc.), financial resources (investment, obtaining grant funds, modern sources of financing) and other,
  • finances: support in obtaining sources of financing for projects in the area of innovation (informing, access to networks of investors, support in accessing to finances),
  • operating internationally: managing nad implementing projects and participating in international networks, contributing to the formation of new instruments and methods for encouraging the culture of innovation and the development mindset,
  • working together for development: creating connections between different partners (research organisations, companies, independent innovators, decision makers and other interested parties),
  • examples draw: organization of good practice presentations, study visits and workshops for the transfer of knowledge in all areas of innovation,
  • small steps for greater development: implementation of individual projects for the encouragement of innovation (preparation of a web catalogue of regional innovation, efforts for establishing a regional co-working centre, competitions for encouraging innovation in schools),
  • promoting innovation: we organize promotion and dissemination activities with the aim of raising awareness of innovation, their potential for the economy’s and society’s development and with the aim of empowerment of individuals.