BIC4SME - Building Innovation Competences for Small and Micro Entrepreneurs




from 31.12.2018 to 30.12.2020


Industry | Human resources


The BIC4SME project deals with supporting small and micro companies with the enhancement of their competences for innovation entrerpreneurship. The project is lead by the WESTBic organisation from Galway, Ireland and incorporates four other parntners: in addition to RDA Green Karst (Slovenia) these are BIC Euronova (Spain), Tecnopolis (Italy) and EFMD (Brussels), all experienced in business consultancy as well as in project management.

The objective of the BIC4SME project is to upgrade the realisations from the POWER2INNO project, developed by some of the participating partners and to provide concrete tools for:

  • education and training of entrepreneurs for innovative entrepreneurship,
  • training of educational staff of the participating organizations (and also other entrepreneurs' support organizations who deal with micro and small entrepreneurs on a daily basis) and,
  • pilot training for selected individual entrepreneurs.

The project thus contributes to:

  • C-VET programs in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Innovation excellence of small and micro entrepreneurs
  • Internationalization at the level of participating organizations (enhanced international cooperation between five different training providers).

The final results of the project incorporate the following:

  • development of training program for »BIC for SME« trainers,
  • development of training program for small and micro entrepreneurs interested in boosting their innovation activity,
  • development of relevant learning materials (high % of practical learning, modern e-learning course: online tests and assignments, short training courses focused on content, case studies, simulations, discussion groups online, etc.),
  • exploration of methodologies of National Vocational Qualifications and ECVET.



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