from 18.04.2023 to 31.10.2023


Green Karst | Regional development | Environment and nature protection | Tourism | Countryside


Area of LAG Notranjska has a high level of preserved nature and environment, which is evidenced by the great diversity of plant and animal species and a high percentage of the Natura 2000 area. The largest protected area here is Notranjska Regional Park. We also have ecologically important areas that are wider than Natura 2000 sites, such as the central habitat area for large carnivores and the Slivnica area in the municipality of Cerknica. In addition, there are several natural values - nature conservation sites of national or local importance and caves.


From visitors it has been lately appearing a growing demand to rent bicycles to explore Notranjska. In the last period, there has been a particular increase in demand for electric bicycles, which are only available in the LAG area from a small number of providers. More people can travel more kilometres on an electric bicycle than on a regular one. And more kilometres cycled mean fewer kilometres cycled by car. The purchase of this equipment and other service units (charging and servicing stands) will contribute to the development of sustainable tourism, the improvement of the tourist offer and the preservation of the natural heritage.


Project partnership: 

LP – LAS Notranjska 

P2 – Bike center Cerknica, Tine Klančar s.p. 

P3 – Meta Rovan s.p. 

P4 – Municipality of Bloke

P5 – Public Institute for Culture, Tourism and Intergenerational Solidarity