Predjama Sustainable


Norway Grants and EEA Grants 2014-2021


from 01.05.2022 to 30.04.2024


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RDA Green Karst participates in the Predjama Sustainable project as a stakeholder in the role of manager of the tourist destination Green Karst, which advocates for the sustainable management of the region.

The main goal of the Predjama Sustainable project  led by Postojna Municipality is to contribute to mitigating climate change by preparing a mobility plan for the Predjama destination, where the much-visited tourist attraction, the Predjama Castle, is located. The goal is also the pilot implementation of key measures, which will directly contribute to improving the management of sustainable mobility.

A representative of RDA Green Karst is included in the Working Group, whose tasks are to find permanent solutions in the field of traffic and spatial arrangements, ensuring a high quality of life for the inhabitants of Predjama and the surrounding villages, managing tourist flows and ensuring a good tourist experience.

As part of the project, RDA Green Karst (28th of February 2023) organized a meeting for residents  entitled Entrepreneurship in Predjama and its hinterland- obstacles and opportunities.

Read more about the goals, activities and partners of the project.

  • improve mobility management and introduce sustainable mobility with a view to connecting traffic reductions without reducing visitor numbers,
  • tackling the mobility of local people include in the Mobility Plan sustainable, feasible and attractive, tailored forms of mobility without over-encroasing on the nature
  • involve residents and their needs in the preparation of the mobility plan
  • transfer good experiences of Norwegian partners to Slovenian space
  • change people's habits by successfully implementing the mobility plan and implementing an awareness-raising campaign, thus bringing climate change mitigation to mitigation.