Izvedba izobraževalnih delavnic in dogodkov

Conduct of educational workshops and events


We offer a range of workshops, lectures and one- and multi-day events that are thematically rounded and provide in-depth knowledge of different aspects of business. We provide workshops covering the following topics:

  • current and upcoming sources of funding (grants, reimbursable grants),
  • tax innovations,
  • preparation of project applications,
  • registration of activities,
  • social networks for business use,
  • online advertising,
  • roommate (Booking and airBNB),
  • training for local tourist guides, etc.

The workshops are aimed at mobilising the consultants in order to encourage them to develop their business ideas and to engage them to draw on the development funds available from national and international sources.

Based on your request, we can also organise tailor-made workshops and seminars on specific topics, find competent speakers, prepare the content and materials for the participants, and ensure that all potential participants are actively informed.

We work closely with the regional development network as well as with other supporting institutions to prepare content and information.