Regional development

With the accession of Slovenia to the European Union, the structural and regional policies became important areas at the national, regional and local levels.

The concept of regional development, institutions and types of development incentives are defined by the Slovenian regional development legislation with the following aims of promoting a balanced regional development:

  • reducing disparities in the economic development and in the quality of life of the population between individual regions in the country,
  • preventing the emergence of new areas with major development problems,
  • promoting polycentric development of settlement and polycentric economic development,
  • developing and increasing the competitiveness of the economy in all development regions, taking into consideration their distinctive features,
  • reducing the unemployment rates in the development regions – increasing the employment rates and reducing structural inconsistencies in the labour market,
  • improving the welfare of the population in the development regions, taking into consideration the principles of sustainable development and their distinctive features,
  • strengthening the social capital and innovation capacities of the development regions,
  • maintaining and developing cultural identity by creating the conditions for cultural creativity and diversity, the sustainable development of the cultural heritage and the accessibility to cultural objects in the development regions,
  • promoting lifelong learning in order to improve the educational level of the population and increasing the access to education and training for everyone,
  • implementing an integrated approach to rural development,
  • reducing disparities in the quality of life and in the economic and social welfare, with regard to the environmental protection, protection from natural and other disasters, and reduction of disparities in health,
  • implementing the integrated regional information society strategies,
  • developing the territories of both indigenous ethnic minorities and Romany settlements in the Republic of Slovenia and
  • promoting the economic co-operation with Slovenians from around the globe.


RDA Green Karst performs the following tasks in relation to the promotion of regional development and which are in the public interest of the Primorsko-notranjska region:

  • preparing, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the regional development programme and regional projects within the region,
  • preparing agreements for the development of the region,
  • executing regional projects and participating in the procedures of public tendering, public procurement and public-private partnerships as part of these projects,
  • cooperating and supporting the activities of the council, regional council, regional development network and territorial development partnerships,
  • providing information, general consulting, inventorying project ideas and assisting regional development partners in creating projects, applying to tenders and executing regional projects,
  • transferring knowledge and good practices of regional development,
  • helping with the execution of regional financial schemes from the first paragraph of Article 19 of this Act, when they are executed by the Fund,
  • executing the regional financial scheme,
  • executing the regional scheme of company scholarships,
  • managing local action groups as part of the activities of local development led by the community and co-financed from European funds,
  • promoting and developing entrepreneurship and the culture of innovativeness,
  • promoting the region and encouraging investments in the region,
  • executing regional programmes of internationalisation of the economy,
  • spatial planning on a regional level, and
  • other similar regional activities, schemes and projects decided on by the competent ministry according to the act that defines the scope of work of ministries and with the consent of the ministry.

These are general development tasks on a regional level and other development tasks of the country which are carried out on a regional level in public interest, and are stipulated by Articles 18 and 19 of the Promotion of Balanced Regional Development Act.

RDA Green Karst also acts as an entity for the promotion of regional development in region, it performs tasks which are in public interest and offers professional support to the Development Council of the Primorsko-notranjska region and to other holders of development politics in the region.