Tourism is recognised as one of the key development areas of our region. The region has a lot of natural and cultural potential for the development of quality tourism under the area's new brand Green Karst, while the karst itself is a strong enough brand worth taking advantage of.

Tourism, along with industry, has already been an established and active sector in the region in the past and recent investment trends show a new revival of tourist infrastructure in the Green Karst. Apart from investments into different types of infrastructure, it is necessary to ensure a wide and strong destination management, with which we will connect tourist services into integrated regional products that will be marketed under a unified brand.

The goals of the Tourism Programme in the Regional Development Programme of the Primorsko-notranjska Region 2014-2020 are as follows:

  • tourism as an activity is becoming/is still one of the leading economic activities in the region,
  • improve the recognisability of the Green Karst tourist destination as a green destination,
  • increase the scope and diversification of the tourist activity in the region,
  • connect providers inside and outside the region in order to form innovative sustainable tourist products.


In the field of tourism, we are pursuing the following guidelines:

  • we are developing the tourist activity based on karst features of the region and Natura 2000,
  • we are focusing the tourist activity in the region on sustainable or environmentally friendly development (gradual implementation of eco-standards in tourism),
  • we are developing the tourist activity based on traditional crafts in the region,
  • we are connecting tourist products with agricultural activity (including supplementary activity on farms) in the region,
  • we are connecting tourist products with economic activities in the field of education,
  • we are connecting regional tourist services with the tourist services of the Karst.